About us

It was the spring of 2016, when the idea of creating a business website that would offer high quality costume jewelry to beautiful women everywhere was born.

The problem was that everyone wore the same pieces, for the most part. So we sought out to find a supplier that would give us the opportunity to select from a catalog of pieces but also create our own custom designs.

We chose jewelry as a product because since we didn't have a lot of start up capital we needed a product that did not require sizes.Then we did field research to ensure what our market needed. We wanted to see what styles were trending so the money could be well spent.

Next the domain name was purchased, the LLC was registered, the supplier was chosen and the website was created.

In the beginning, marketing was the greatest challenge, but a bit of trial and error plus some advice from other entrepreneurs fixed that.

In the future, we strive to continue pushing the envelope by making our business more diverse. Our goal is to help make women more fashionable by offering the best styles of quality costume jewelry and accessories at an amazing price.